Google just announced they will cut 12,000 jobs, 2 days after Microsoft reported 10,000 layoffs - a bleak reminder that Tech jobs are not what they used to be.

I share 15+ years experience in Tech to help you stay relevant in these turbulent times:
• Embrace new technologies

Clearly, we're in a place in time where we can only stay relevant if we embrace new developments in the field.

• data science
• cloud computing
• machine learning and AI

are some of the technologies that will dominate the next years.
• Improve your current skills

You were hired for a reason; make sure you keep up with your main skill.

• read books
• attend conferences
• get a professional certification

Try to find intersections between this skill and the emerging technologies.
• Start your own business

You know that idea you had for a while but never acted upon?

Maybe it's time to get going.

• coaching
• online courses
• build an IOS app

They're all side hustles that could replace your current income if needed.
• Build a personal brand

Establish yourself as an expert in your field.

• create a portfolio
• create a personal website or blog
• share your knowledge and experience

Get your name out there by helping others learn and grow.
• Be adaptable

Every industry is constantly evolving, and job requirements can change quickly

You should be:

• positive and open-minded
• open to working on different projects
• willing to take on new roles and responsibilities

Adapt your approach to different situations
•Be proactive

A lot of successful companies are founded during recessions.

And these companies need talented people.

• update your Linkedin profile
• research companies and industries
• inquire about potential job opportunities

Always think one step ahead.
• Network

Networking can be an effective way to stay informed about job opportunities and to connect with other professionals in your field.

• attend conferences
• connect with other professionals
• participate in online communities

It's time to build relationships.
TL;DR: How to stay relevant in these turbulent times

• Embrace new technologies
• Improve your current skills
• Start your own business
• Build a personal brand
• Be adaptable
• Be proactive
• Network
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