1) Crypto thread on January 19.

DCG allegedly has received offers for CoinDesk
exceeding $200M in recent weeks.

Considering DCG purchase price of $500K, DCG would receive a 39,900% return on its initial investment.

2) This seems self-evident, to be honest.

3) Numerous parties have objected to the retention
of Sullivan & Cromwell as lead counsel to FTX.

Objectors cite conflicts of interest and
insufficient disclosures.

4) FinCEN placed Binance next to darknet market Hydra
as a major counterparty receiving Bitcoin from Bitzlato.

FinCEN (a Treasury Department Bureau) has argued that Binance is linked to illegal crypto platform Bitzlato.

5) Bitzlato is accused of laundering $700M by U.S. authorities.

Binance was named as the top three receiving and sending counterparties associated with Bitzlato, as per order from Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

6) Fwiw…

7) 👇🏾

8) Better late than never…

9) Silvergate 🧵

10) SEC charges SBF with defrauding FTX investors.

11) [DB] New FTX CEO John J. Ray III Says He's Considering Restarting Crypto Exchange: WSJ

12) FT - UPDATE: @FTX_Official CEO John J. Ray III may restart exchange. Per @WSJ

1) What

13) Around the same time that the Founders Fund sold most of its cryptocurrency holdings, Peter Thiel said Bitcoin could rise 100-fold.

14) SBF takes a shot at FTX CEO Ray…

15) Dan Friedberg also objects to FTX counsel….

16) Friedberg goes after FTX US GC Ryne Miller…..

17) Fwiw….

18) FT - Summed up, the claims would amount to at least $1.1 billion.

Friedberg makes some corrections on S&C's statements regarding their prepetition role and individual S&C employee titles.

Tomorrow's Court hearing on this matter promises to be interesting.

19) Regarding Nexo Capital…….

20)(A) Genesis Global Holdco, LLC, parent company of troubled crypto lender Genesis Global Capital-has filed
for Chapter 11 BK protection late Thursday night.

20)(B) Genesis Global Holdco, LLC estimated it held between $100M & $500M in assets.

It counts $100M & $500M in liabilities and has between 1 and 49 creditors.

Subsidiaries Genesis Global Capital, LLC & Genesis Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd also filed for BK protection.
21) From Cameron Winklevoss…..

22) Genesis Global Holdco LLC BK petition.

23) Regarding CoinDesk…

24) 👇🏾

25) 👇🏾

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