what if we lived in a world without inspiration? 👀

my SuperRare genesis explores this idea.

“bubble boy” takes us to 2032, when traditionalists have won out over AI artists and instituted strict rules for training new artists.

now minted.

the story and link in thread 🫧
the superrare genesis

"bubble boy"

part of my panicland series, an exploration of moral panic.

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ai art critics commonly complain that ai is "copying," but that reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of both how latent diffusion systems work and how human creativity works.

let me explain...
ai image generators learn concepts. they know an apple is usually red, yellow, or green. but it also can combine ideas.

ask for a purple apple and it gives you one.

ask for a fuzzy purple apple, and...voila!

The systems are *learning* by training on billions of images.
art schools *also* rely on learning from prior work.

see art students at a museum copying art? it's called a "master study" and it's a very effective, classic way to learn!

many atelier-style programs teach drawing via the "Bargue method," involving copying 200 drawings.
in "bubble boy," I imagine a future state where the traditionalists have won their war.

authorship purity is enforced.

young aspiring artists are placed into a nanometric bubble that blocks out *anything* that could possibly be regarded as influence.
the piece and accompanying short story tells the tale of Simon, a student at the newly opened Warhol Academy of Art. one of the schools that popped up to enforce the new world order.

the problem?

without influence, he falters. his technical skills lacking...well, inspiration.
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my SR genesis

.5 eth reserve 🧛‍♂️

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