How you can use the set point system to stop yourself from falling behind in life:
If you want to progress in an area of your life, you need to focus.

• Want to get jacked? Focus on the gym and nutrition.

• Want to increase your income? Focus on building skills.
The problem is that when you’re focusing on 1 or 2 areas,

You neglect the rest and fall behind.

That’s when the set point system comes into play.
What is the set point system?

It’s the process of creating minimum standards for your life, eg:

• Finances: Minimum 50k in the bank
• Physical: Minimum 50 pushups at any 1 time.
• Etc etc
Why use the set point system?

When you’re focusing on improving certain areas, others will fall behind.

Using the set point system prevents this.

You’re setting standards that prevent you from regressing - keeping your life at a minimum standard.
How to use the set point system?

Go through each area of your life and decide on a minimum standard that you're comfortable with.

Such that if you fall below that standard, you start to get uncomfortable.

Check each standard on a weekly basis.
This gives you room to go all in on 1-3 areas at once, without worrying about the others.

On your weekly standard check, if you fall below your set point in an area, you work back up to it in the next week.
Spent too much money this week and went below your finance threshold?

→ Save a bit more next week

Put on 2lbs this week and can’t hit your physical threshold?

→Tighten your diet and add in more steps next week
Use the set point system to leverage extreme levels of focus without the negative effects of neglect.
Thanks for reading!

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