Are you tired of wasting time:
- worrying about what others think
- seeking permission
- seeking reassurance
- needing validation???

Here's how to let go of seeking approval and acceptance:
1. Understand that your DNA codes approval equals survival

If your tribe abandons you, you die
If zombies come/the crew leaves, you die
If your caregiver rejects infant you, you die

But we won't die if we are rejected. Knowing the roots frees you from it
2. Be present to cure your approval-seeking

Fears of the unknown lead to chase approval. But your senses detect real danger

- What do you see/hear/feel/smell?
- Any fatal threat?

* if yes, Cobra Kai that beast
* if no, let it go

Use your senses to override instinct
3. Embracing uncertainty frees you from approval seeking

When you seek approval to avoid uncertainty, you steal from building your goals. If you aren't willing to have uncertainty, you'll never build the future you want.

Consistently working in the unknown builds success
5. Trust your experience instead of their stories

Past failures and trauma may make you doubt yourselves and seek out others' opinions. Yet that nagging feeling indicates your body knows when you are inauthentic.

Your experience is wisdom. Slow down to listen to you first
6. Build your world on your purpose instead of their promises to stay

When you construct your life based on your values, the ones worthy of what you create will come. Life filters out those unaligned with you

In each action:
- remember your why
- have integrity
- trust you
You can stop wasting time too. Choose what you want. Work to get it.

Hi, I’m Dr. Drew and for over 14 years, I’ve studied and helped folks focus and confidently do what matters.

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