I wrote my first computer program on paper, in a jail cell, after learning basic concepts from a tattered book I found. When it comes to achieving things in life, there is one truism: the only person standing between you and what you want is the one staring at you in the mirror.
I became a libertarian at 22, shortly after I walked out of incarceration in a paper suit. I remember the day I was free, looking up in the sky for the first time in a long while; it was so blue. That was the beginning of my respect for others, and myself. Before that, I was lost
What I never understood about my life before I lost my younger years is why we are here; it seemed so futile. What I learned from losing everything is that we are here to help others. Libertarianism for me is the ultimate respect for people around you - helping, but never forcing
I am not a proponent of statist militaries, but this speech by Admiral McRaven encapsulates the dedication required to make a major impact in the world:

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