Google paid ~$650 Mn to acquire DeepMind in 2014. OpenAI is currently "valued" $29 Bn.

OpenAI's revenue is "tens of millions".

DeepMind's 2020 revenue was $1.13 Bn and was profitable. (although Google is probably the main customer).

What would DeepMind be "valued" today?
For all the adulation Satya/MSFT is getting for OpenAI, it was Google who acquired DeepMind for a steal.

YouTube, Android, GCP, DeepMind...for a company that routinely gets ridiculed for capital allocation and "other bets", Google's track record is better than most think.
OpenAI decided to cap investors return to 100x (and lower for later stage investors).

I suspect Google is inching closer to 100x (there's no way it's "worth" less than OpenAI today) and thankfully, we are allowed more than 100x for DeepMind.

Good job, Google!

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Good thread on “what is Deep Mind worth”?