72% of entrepreneurs struggle with stress and anxiety.

It doesn't have to be this bad.

7 tips that will help optimize your mental health today:
Entrepreneurs experience these feelings 50% more than the general public.

And despite positive trends in awareness, I rarely see actionable advice.

A combination of self-care, companionship, and business principles work like magic.

Let's dive in...

In my first year in biz, I paid myself $10,000 and justified it by claiming I was "re-investing."

There's always something to invest in -- your/your family's comfort should come first.

You need money to live an enjoyable life, don't put this off.

Worrying about payroll and unexpected expenses causes HUGE stress.

Industry leaders hold 3x cash on hand compared to average companies so they can stay focused on the mission.

A runway is a license to stay in the game, it's the only way to win.

Debt is an amplifier, it can be good or bad.

Bad debt has high interest payments, low ROI, and personal guarantees, putting stress through the roof.

Use debt to make more money, not solve short-term cash flow problems.

Much of the stress in entrepreneurship comes from ambiguity.

Clearly outlining responsibilities, breakup agreements, etc. removes the fear of the unknown.

Without one, years of your life could go to waste if a partner goes rogue. Put it in writing ASAP!

Self-limiting beliefs are a part of the human/entrepreneurial experience.

Find people who can help you understand yourself and what's around the corner.

The better you know yourself and the journey ahead the more anxiety melts away.

Mistakes will happen. Reduce stress by:

1. Avoiding compounding (making it worse)
2. Learning a skill (prevent in the future)
3. Taking action (changing circumstances)

The best wins come in the wake of losses if you let them.

Find a group of friends who are also building companies.

Humans are tribal creatures, we crave and thrive on companionship.

And you'll quickly realize many of us share the same fears and anxieties, and together we can minimize them.
As an entrepreneur:

- finances
- relationships
- reputation

are all being pushed to the limit simultaneously, it's no wonder why 72% of us feel stressed.

These 7 tips have helped me stay focused and reduce stress and they will work for you too!
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