Gone are the days of Google. Meet the most advanced AI search engine ever πŸ”₯

Introducing the AI-powered @YouSearchEngine - The search engine that you control!
@YouSearchEngine Let's look at what makes stand out from the rest:

1. YouChat

Conversational AI chatbot to provide pinpointed answers to your search query along with the indexed web pages.

So, Google search but 10X better!

P.S: It knows me too πŸ™ˆ
@YouSearchEngine 2. YouCode

For the first-time ever a search engine generates code on-the-fly using AI along with the search results for a given query.
@YouSearchEngine 3. YouWrite

Now search engines are not just limited to searching the existing content from the web, they can even generate content on-the-fly using AI as per your needs!
@YouSearchEngine 4. YouImagine

Why just limit your creativity with the text you can paint the world with your imagination. YouImagine lets you generate artistic images right in your search engine itself.
@YouSearchEngine 5. YouSocial

All the trending content from various social media websites is arranged for you in one place.
@YouSearchEngine And the best part of all πŸ‘‡

Its Ad-Free!! 😍

So, why wait now? Change your default search engine to and feel the power of #chatGPT with real-time search results.
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Awesome thread. Going to spend some time looking into You. It’s a big moment for search. On a related note, I wrote about how MSFT is in a great position to disrupt it: