How to lose your ego:

(and improve your relationships, development, & well-being)
Practice mindfulness:

Pay attention to the present moment & how you act.

Become aware of your thoughts and feelings and how your natural behaviors are often driven by your ego.

Always seeking validation? Notice it, stop, & think rather than being driven by impulsive behavior.
Cultivate self-compassion:

Be kind to yourself.

Let go of perfectionistic or self-critical thinking.

You'll feel more at ease and more open to learning and growing, rather than being driven by a need to constantly show off or prove yourself.
Seek out new experiences:

When you do new things, your ego notices.

Nothing helps tame an ego better than being uncomfortable in a new situation, skill, or environment.

Step outside of your comfort zone and watch yourself be humbled pretty quickly.
Reflect on your values:

We all get caught up in the comparison game.

More status, more money, more followers, more attention.

This is the fastest way to let your ego get blown out of proportion.

Instead, reflect on your values as a person - what do you stand for and why?
Practice gratitude:

Last month, I started practicing gratitude with my wife.

At the end of each day, we say 3 things we're grateful for.

It's a humbling experience to remember how good we have it & it chips away at my need to play status games.

Fewer games = less ego.
Seek feedback from others:

Wondering whether or not your ego is out of control? Ask a close friend.

Give them permission to be honest with you.

Make sure to actually listen to the feedback you receive, and ask them to call you out on it so you can become more aware.
Practice humility:

Nothing is cooler, IMO, than modesty.

People who overvalue their abilities & opinions are a chore to be around.

So, look for opportunities to be humble with others and let go of that need to always be right.

Instead of being "right", be curious.
Seek out meaningful purpose:

Lastly, having true purpose in life helps you let go of your ego by being connected to something larger than yourself.

When you have purpose, you seek knowledge & clarity.

It no longer becomes about money & status, but instead about fulfillment.

1. Practice mindfulness
2. Have self-compassion
3. Seek out new experiences
4. Reflect on your values
5. Practice gratitude
6. Seek feedback
7. Practice humility
8. Seek out meaningful purpose
I want to start writing a bit more about the mindset for solopreneurship rather than just the tactics.

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