It’s been 8 years I work for IBM, and Excel is one of my daily tool.

Whether you want to be data analyst, founder of a company, marketer, ... Excel will help you.

Why you should learn Excel / Google Sheet:
1. Excel is a powerful tool for data analysis and organization.

It is widely used in many industries and companies: it makes a valuable skill to have on your resume if you are looking for a job.
2. You don’t need coding skills to master Excel and get insights from it.

You need to learn some formulas to extract value, and format data to better visualize data.

Good news: ChatGPT can help you to write your formulas if you have doubts.
3. It allows you to create pretty dashboards to visualize your data.

One of mine, for Twitter:
4. You can use it as a CRM tool

One line for each contact. Enter information on the person, contact, when you last meet, what is this person interested in, last order...

Other use cases; todo list, financial reporting, resources bookmarks...
To learn more about Excel I recommend two resources:

@blakeaburge account who Tweet about Excel.

@avikumart_ thread compilation of YT courses for video learners:

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And you, how do you use Excel?
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