In 2023 you'll make thousands of decisions -- and most of them won't matter.

But some will determine the outcome and quality of your life.

7 decisions you can't afford to get wrong:
Who you marry:

The uncomfortable truth is that marriage is either the greatest or worst decision of your life.

Trust/support from your spouse is a license to create the life you truly desire.

Contrast that with the psychological and financial damage of a failed marriage.
With over 44% of marriages ending in divorce make sure you're aligned on the big things:

- Faith
- Kids
- Money
- Etc.

And because my wife is on Twitter...I want to be clear:

It was the best decision I've ever made ๐Ÿ˜‰
College or not:

For clarity, a college degree doesn't determine whether or not you can be successful.

But this decision enables or cuts off certain paths.

For example, without a degree it's impossible to become an orthopedic surgeon.
I firmly reject credentialism as a barrier to creating happiness or wealth, but for some careers it matters.

If you want to pursue a career where credentials matter, then you need to play the game.

But if you don't, save your time and money and get to work!
Having children:

Bringing a life into the world is the highest responsibility - not only to the child, but to society.

It's parents' job to raise the next generation of successful contributing citizens.

It's difficult but rewarding, and requires huge sacrifice.
I'm new to being a parent but it's not something I take lightly.

My influence will profoundly shape my son's views of the world and what he believes he can achieve.

If you decide to have children you have to be ALL IN -- you owe it to them and everyone else.
Business partners:

I believe humans are meant to build things.

There is nothing more gratifying than creating SOMETHING from NOTHING and sharing it with someone else.

It's borderline euphoric.

But it's brutally hard work that's full of ups and downs.
To achieve success you and your partner need complementary skills and more importantly -- absolute trust.

A great partnership amplifies success and makes it more fun.

While bad partnerships destroy potential and strain relationships.

Build with the right people.
Who you take advice from:

Everyone has an opinion (including me) on everything and is more than happy to share.

But don't listen to people you don't want to emulate.

Since nobody is perfect I have a different role model for:

- Family
- Business
- Philanthropy
- Health
Our egos don't like to admit it, but our actions are deeply affected by the people we listen to.

With more noise than ever, it's crucial to have a system for tapping into the signal.

Only listen to people you'd be proud to be compared to.

Otherwise who gives a sh*t?
Relationship with money:

Some may not consider this a choice -- but I do because it's largely psychological.

Money is about control -- either you control it or it controls you.

Relative to the individual, money is infinitely abundant with endless ways to earn it.
When you view money as a function of time, it has power over you.

Every purchase can be divided into moments of your life that you can't get back.

But if you see money as a function of value, it's subservient to you.

Because your ability to add value is limitless.
How you treat yourself:

Make the decision to treat yourself the way you treat others.

Without a high degree of self-respect living a fulfilling life is impossible.

It's surprising how many people treat others like rock stars but themselves like garbage.
Self-respect is the sum of daily decisions that are aligned with who you want to be.

Do things that make you proud:

- Eat right
- Exercise
- Be a great spouse/parent
- Pursue your goals
- Learn new things

Write down what this looks like for you -- and make it happen.
Knowing we have this much control over our quality of life is both exciting and daunting.

It's impossible to bat 1000 but by being deliberate with these decisions you can craft a life you're proud of.
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