Work From Home is fairly new concept for men

Traditionally we left the home, out to our place of work, be it an office or construction site, etc, then back home.

Our wives and children were accustomed to us being gone for 8-12 hours a day, 5 days a week (minimum)

With us gone all day, the wives and children operated without us, and had mechanisms of problem solving and prioritization that didn't involve men, or put them off until we got home

The cell phone was the first major disruption to those mechanisms, making men available 24/7
The second disruption was WIFI money and WFH.

Before going further let me state clearly that this is a complex issue and I'm watering down for twitter
I am NOT saying that women are incapable of problem solving without their husbands

With that said, lets continue
What many husbands are finding when they begin WFH is that their wife, who pre WFH was a capable problem solver, now comes to him with every problem known to man.

Lot of theories behind this, the basic premise is this:

Men are supposed to be problem solvers and providers
The whole reason she married you is that you are capable and reliable

With you being home, there is no reason to struggle through things that you have already demonstrated that you can easily solve

Additionally, assuming your wife like you, being home excites her
She likes being around you and wants attention from you, knowing that you have work to do, she subconsciously finds problems for you to solve in order to get that attention

Is this a universal for women? Of course not.

These are a few trends that have been noticed by some men
If you transition to a WFH environment, have a talk with your wife about expectation management.

What is you work space

What hours are you in there

What constitutes a real emergency to be interrupted from work

IOW, set boundaries and set expectations
Do not just blindly go into a WFH and expect the wife and kids to ignore you for hours a day.

TALK with your wife. Communicating beforehand will head off most problems you may face

The couples who do this *tend* to fair better and have less problems in WFH
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