I would like to say a few words about my article on Charles Kindleberger in the last issues of *Capitalism* (a thread and access to the paper by clicking on the link below)
I met Charlie in the 1990s. I was a young scholar fresh out of the phd, he was an old scholar and to me a monument
He was not as widely recognized back then as he became after his death and has become more recently. He was probably much more highly regarded in Europe than in the US
I remember visiting the department of economics at MIT during the Summer of 1988 and seeing his name on the door (and a few other very big names). But when I met with some graduate students, one rolled her eyes. “That old guy! ” she said 😳 (that’s my face)
I would never have thought of just meeting with him like that, but a few years later, after I completed my dissertation (in French) in 1993 I sent it to him, as I describe in the paper. That was the beginning of a 10 year friendship

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Wonderful thread about one of the greatest economists of all time