1/ In another possible indication of an imminent forthcoming mobilisation of public employees, Moscow police officers have been ordered to pack an 'emergency bag' of items essential for survival. ⬇️
2/ This follows earlier indications that the Russian authorities are preparing to mobilise government and emergency service workers, including police officers and firefighters, as well as more civilians.

3/ According to the Baza Telegram channel, Moscow police officers have been given a list of items that they must immediately acquire for themselves, as early as today. They have reportedly been told their bags will be checked for compliance.
4/ The list includes items such as clothes, towels, a compass, a torch, an combat mission plotter, a day's worth of food, a one-litre flask of water and a first-aid kit. The officers were additionally ordered to pack a sleeping bag and a camping mat.
5/ The purpose of the order isn't stated, but as the Military Ombudsman Telegram channel notes, "for those involved in the army, the purpose of such a duffel bag is quite recognisable." /end

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