9 commitments every parent should make:
"I will take pride in being taken for granted."

Parenting is a thankless job.

As an approval addict, this bothered me.

Until it hit me ⏤

I want to be taken for granted.

It's a compliment.

It means you're there for your kids so consistently that they stop noticing.
"I will lavishly express my love."

I have friends who only had a parent say "I love you" a few times.

Others who never heard it.

You don't want hearing "I love you" to be an event your child remembers.

You want to say it so often that they stop hearing it.
"I will choose to be proud of matter what."

In a moment of great personal failure,

My father-in-law said to me:

"As a parent, I don't always agree with my kid's choices,

But I'm always proud of who they are ⏤

Because they're mine."

That's the heart of a parent.
"I will do what's required to be available."

When I die, I want my kids to say:

"My dad was always available."

Available to talk, advise, and encourage.

Cheering when they win.

By their side as a comfort when they lose.

But availability comes at a great cost.

Pay it.
"I will be the first to forgive."

As I get older, I'm seeing how rare it is to have strong family relationships.

And I've seen too many small grudges and grievances divide people.

As a parent:

- Freely sacrifice your pride.

- Frequently overlook wrongs.

- Fiercely forgive.
"I will always work for their good...even when they don't see it."

The one thing you can't control as a parent is how your kids interpret your actions.

Keep doing what's best for them.

Accept their disapproval and accusations that you're out of touch with a smile.
"I will be the mature one."

I can't count the times I've had to look in the mirror and say:

"You're the adult. Act like it."

Immaturity demands to get its own way.

Immaturity throws fits.

Immaturity thinks short-term.

Let your kids own immaturity,

While you model maturity.
"I will be undignified and unabashed in my pursuit of play."

Adult life is so heavy.

We take ourselves so seriously.

Playfulness dies.

Choose to be the most playful person in your home.

Dress up. Dance. Lose yourself in laughter.

It will restore your soul.
"I will enjoy being a parent."

It sounds counterintuitive,

But delight is a discipline.

Especially when kids are young, parents live in a thick fog.

It's easy to become functional - get through this so I can move on to that.

But kids grow up fast.

Don't miss the moment.
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