AI is going to permanently change how marketing works.

If you're not paying attention, you're going to be out of a job pretty soon.

I played around with ChatGPT (a new AI tool) recently.

Here's how AI will change marketing forever:
To understand how good the AI is, I picked SEO as my channel to test its ability.

I tested its capability across a bunch of competencies like:
• Strategic thinking
• Tactical understanding
• Ability to ideate
• Ability to write
• Technical basics

Here's what I found:
1. Strategy

I asked the AI to create a strategy for my website's SEO.
2. Audit

I then asked the AI how to audit my website's SEO.
3. Tactics

The SEO gave me strategic advice like getting valuable backlinks.

But can it actually give me specific tactics to execute that strategy?
4. Keyword research

I asked the AI to give me a list of keywords to target.

I picked pet food as my niche.
5. Content plan

I then asked the AI to create a content plan for my website.
6. Ideation

I asked the AI to give me ideas for blogs I can write to rank for SEO.
7. Copywriting

Next, I asked the AI to give me 10 titles for a blog post.
8. More copywriting

I told the AI to give me even better titles for my blog post.
9. Metadata

I then asked the AI to generate metadata for my blogpost.
10. Technical

Seems like it's doing ok so far. But can it go a step deeper and handle some technical basics?
11. Content writing

Finally, I asked the AI to actually write the blog post for me.
All of this took me 5 minutes. In the real world, all of this would probably take at least 5-10 hours.
But how good are the answers? I'd rank it as a 5/10.

The equivalent of an SEO marketer with 1-2 years of experience earning around $50k/year.

Not excellent, but definitely more competent than an SEO intern.
Here's why that's impressive:

• The AI is as capable as an SEO marketer with 1-2 years of experience.

• The AI did for free what the SEO marketer would have charged $50k/year for.

• The AI did in 5 minutes what would have taken the SEO marketer at least a day.
The most impressive part:

This is just the beginning!

We're only seeing the first iteration of a technology that is likely going to improve by many orders of magnitude in the coming years.

It might replace you. Or it might end up 10x ing your productivity. Too early to tell.
Thanks for reading!

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