If you're just tuning in, 40,000 Americans in Moore County, NC, are without power and many without water today after domestic terrorists coordinated simultaneous attacks on three electrical substations.

The reason for this attack was to stop an 18+ drag show.
For months, we've seen ever escalating attacks against LGBTQ spaces and events nationwide. Performances threatened by armed gangs. Militias in moving trucks waiting to deploy as shock troops against libraries for reading stories to children.
Then Club Q happened. Queer people bothering no one are slaughtered, again.

The intended message is clear and unequivocal. "You don't get to exist in safety, anywhere."

Instead of offering protection, police nationwide choose not to take sides, when only one side is violent.
The GOP, at every level, chooses to escalate the war against the community, introducing ever more draconian, dehumanizing, dangerous legislation against trans children in particular in nearly every statehouse they still control.
If you can't see the direct line between Hitler's brownshirts burning Jewish businesses and the scapegoating, blood libel, and attacks happening today against the LGBTQ community, legitimized and encouraged by the GOP, it's because you willfully blind yourself to history.
And right on cue, here come "Community Notes" to gaslight everyone.
Let them know how helpful you found their notes.
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Laura J. Mixon @LauraJMG ยท Dec 5, 2022
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Excellent thread.