Reactionary forms of post-liberalism seems to range all over the map, from separatist-Anabaptist and BenOp, to ethnonationalist or integralist.

This point is one thing they all recognize and agree about.

Liberalism coasts on the fumes of Christianity, then stalls out here.

I see this as a tragedy, and I still have a strong sentimental attachment to liberalism. It ushered in the beginning of an era of peace and prosperity and technological advances -- partially by cause, partially by being in the right place at the right time.

Relevant SSC quote:
But liberalism doesn't have enough intrinsic rigidity to produce an alternative to Christian framework, nor to sustain Christianity, and so it gradually succumbs to a sort of osteoporotic degeneration -- too weak to resist the temptation toward a Huxleyan dystopia of pleasure.
As someone at the pessimistic end of the post-liberal spectrum, I think we need to accept that the bad days are returning.

Lots of people think they have a viable alternative to liberalism, but they disagree about what it is. They will eventually begin disagreeing with guns.