So you know how to write code & develop shiny new features.

But do you know how features get released into Production in "MOST Tech Companies" ? It's ok if you don't.

Read ๐Ÿงต to understand
Start by reading this old thread on modern software development in Agile

{ Sprint Planning }

๐ŸŸข Sprint lasts 1-4 weeks typically

๐ŸŸข Here the team agrees which features to release

๐ŸŸข This meeting lasts typically 1 hour
{ Development Phase }

๐ŸŸข This is where you get to develop the shiny new features

๐ŸŸข Write unit tests & push the code for testing.

๐ŸŸข You also start planning for release process
{ Testing Phase }

๐ŸŸข Change made available for testing are tested against agreed acceptance criteria

๐ŸŸข Regression(usually automated in CI/CD) is performed to make sure new features don't break old ones

๐ŸŸข Test sign-off if all looks good
{ Change Review Phase }

๐ŸŸข Job of this board is to understand what features are being released, how they will be released & when they will be released.

๐ŸŸข Whether testing was done & adheres to org policies

๐ŸŸข There is a plan to revert if things go wrong
{ Change Review Phase }

๐ŸŸข This board has the final say if a feature can be released if it meets all the guidelines & can provide additional guidelines if needed

๐ŸŸข If the release looks good it is approved & can be deployed on the proposed/agreed date.
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