There are a few choices that will have a dramatic impact on your life.

Here are the 7 most important choices you'll make:
How you choose to treat your body and mind.

Every action you take today has a ripple effect into the future.

Create daily habits that your 80-year-old self would thank you for:

• Exercise
• Read
• Breathe/meditate
• Learn something new

You set the terms of your future.
Who you choose as your partner.

Life has ups and downs. The person you choose to face them with will have the largest impact on your happiness and fulfillment.

Trust and value alignment are essential.

You'll spend more time with this person than anyone else—never settle!
Who you choose as your friends.

The friends you surround yourself with can be a force for good or create a drag on your life.

Do your friends support your ambitions or do they tell you to be realistic?

Do your friends show up for you in the darkest hour?

Find your tribe.
What you choose to work on (and who you choose to work on it with).

You'll spend more of your prime years at work than anywhere else.

If you have the luxury of choice, make sure you choose work—and coworkers—that you find meaningful and important.

Find your energy.
Where you choose to live.

Living in close proximity to your family or closest friends is one of the surest ways to enhance your happiness.

Our time together is finite, but we often fail to recognize it until it's too late.

Choose an environment that prioritizes this time.
Whether you choose to have children.

As a new parent, I have felt the profound impact that bringing a life into this world can have on your focus and happiness.

It is also the highest responsibility one can take on and requires real sacrifice.

Don't take it lightly!
How you choose to treat yourself.

Time spent alone steadily increases throughout your life.

To live well, you have to learn to love yourself—to treat yourself with tremendous self-respect.

Take time to smile at yourself in the mirror every morning.

Simple, but works wonders.
Those are 7 choices that will have an outsized impact on your life.

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Note: The first and most important step is recognizing that these are choices—not things that happen to you.

You are the captain of your own ship.

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