1) The reason the legacy corporate media had a meltdown when Elon allowed anybody to get verified is because they are loosing their credentialed privilege

Now they have to compete with millions of citizen journalists on equal footing that are not compromised by special interest
2) These gatekeepers of information that benefited from an absolute monopoly are being disinter-mediated in real time so their ability to control narratives is severely weakened by individuals that can actually tell the truth.
3) Since Walter Cronkite visited Vietnam in 1968 during the Tet Offensive and reported that the war was not going as well as Washington had been telling the American People, the administrative state aka the deep state made it their mission to co-opt the Legacy Media.

4) The Pentagon offered the corporate press “exclusive access” to carefully screen footage with the condition that they would only report favorably on any new conflicts the US government became involved in.

5) This is why you will always see the same carefully selected b-roll footage being played on any of the legacy channels while they reported on the forever wars.
6) The capture of these so called “news” institutions was so successful that they were able to convince the American public that Iraq had weapons of mass-destruction which led to the invasion of Iraq under a false pretense
7) When Julian Assange leaked a video of an Apache gunship slaughtering innocent Iraqis this once again contradicted the official narrative and they made it their mission to make an example of him so that no other journalist would step out of line.
8) The so called “free press” was successfully co-opted by the state without the American people noticing because the news which in fact slowly became propaganda came from the same trusted news networks that Americans relied upon for generations.
9) Then came the pandemic where it became incredibly clear that the news was no longer news but in fact was an incredibly sophisticated “truth” control operation which @nayibbukele recently mentioned in his article for Bitcoin Magazine.
10) The ability for millions of individuals to communicated directly with each other and circumvent the approved “truth” terrifies them, the Biden Administration tried in vain to establish a ministry of truth to hold on to their monopoly on information.
11) But the good news anon is that it seems we are winning the battle on information by the day more and more people are waking up.

However the battle to come to win the war will be much more intense because it will directly affect their source of power.
12) Just how the internet disinter-mediated the states monopoly on information, it is also disintermediatiating the states monopoly on money.
13) They will fight like never before to hold on to this power and privilege but if enough individuals take personal responsibility and take self-custody we will win and there is nothing they can do about it.
14) This is the separation of money state

There will be a clear winner and a looser.

It’s Bitcoin or slavery, there is no in between.






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