So MetaMask says "Just don't use Infura" - so let's see how easy MetaMask makes it to "not use Infura".

Part 1 - Installation:

The first two screens are straight forward here. They seem to provide a clear privacy policy, that's good.
Let me open the extension manifest...Oh boy it's already sending "stuff" to Infura. I wasn't able to opt out of using Inufra yet. But there's no accounts yet, so, maybe it's not a big deal, it's just some blockNumber requests, some price feed?
It looks like they send an eth_call to 0xb1f8e55c7f64d203c1400b9d8555d050f94adf39 which is a "BalanceChecker" contract...

So let's setup a new account and see what happens.
Oh boy, the second I hit "create" they sent my new wallet address to Inufra. I had absolutely no way to change providers before now.
Part 2 - Adding a new Ethereum Mainnet Provider and UI/UX:

I'm in my new wallet now and the first thing I'm greeted with is this nice pretty green dot that says "Ethereum Mainnet" it's nice. I like it. But it's Infura... let's try to change that.
Woo that's pretty, look at that Ethereum icon!

Hold up. Wait a minute. Why is there a LOCK on it? I'm already discouraged :( can I edit the New RPC URL? Nope. I cannot :(
Ok ok, so we click "Add a network"

Oh wow, this is a new screen, even for me. It's very nice! Actually good job here MetaMask.

But... I guess I have to Add a network manually? Let's try.
I got this far before I got an ugly red warning...

Now you and I both know it's just informational, but, holy shit you would be amazed how many people I've seen stop at this part and open a support ticket because "The Chain ID is current in use"๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ
Alright let's keep going, what's next?

Dear lord what is this? Ugly grey question mark. Which, you cannot change? No, you cannot.
Oh, nice the Networks page is updated too. Also an improvement from the last time I looked at this.
Alright, let's go to - switch networks to Polygon, and then switch back to Ethereum using their network switcher in the top right...
Well...fuck me...
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