Planning on having any energy-related discussions this holiday season—which, thanks to higher energy prices, is a lot more expensive than last holiday season?

I’ve got you covered.

Here are threads answering 12 of today’s most important energy questions.
Why is the US experiencing an energy crisis?

Why is the world experiencing an energy crisis?

Why is Europe so at the mercy of Russia?

Why is electricity getting less reliable and more expensive?

What’s going on with diesel shortages?

What’s going on with the Strategic Petroleum Reserve that President Biden has been drawing from?

Is it true that extreme weather events like Hurricane Ian are getting worse and worse?

Was The Inflation Reduction Act good for America?

What The Inflation Reduction Act good for America? (Part 2)

What’s the truth about EVs? Are they really able to rapidly replace oil-powered vehicles?

Should we be trying to rapidly get off fossil fuels?

What should America’s energy policy be going forward?

What is the right “climate policy” for America?

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