After a long #FOIA fight, I just received a bunch of new unredacted emails detailing the Feb 1 2020 teleconference between Dr. Fauci and virologists discussing SARS-Cov-2:
I am reviewing the documents now, but some of this material was previously redacted and help sheds light on early NIH discussions re: origins of COVID-19:
More unredacted records from my #FOIA lawsuit:
Finally, a second set of documents, mostly emails between Dr. Fauci and Kristian Andersen, which have finally been unredacted in full after months of #FOIA litigation:
Thanks to @MuckRock and @LoevyAndLoevy for their crucial help getting these documents
The articles about these documents are starting to be published. It will be interesting and informative to see which outlets pick them up:

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Great thread. I agree that the pangolin angle is key.