Self Care Reminders
1. Be kind to yourself
2. If it feels wrong. Don’t do it.
3. Say exactly what you mean
4. Don’t be a people pleaser
5. Trust your gut
6. Speak positively about yourself + others
7. The energy you give, is the energy you receive
8. Your daily actions create your future
9. Always clarify with communication
10. Resist the temptation to make assumptions
11. Ask yourself before you ask the world
12. Your words are powerful, use them wisely
13. Don’t be afraid to say no
14. Don’t be afraid to say yes
15. Let go of what you cannot control
16. Remember to breathe, it will ground you
17. Consistency is more important than perfection
18. Make decisions based on love not fear
19. Action is the antidote for indecision
20. Overthinking cannot be solved by more thinking
21. The life lessons always live in action
22. Stay away from drama and negativity
23. Trust the timing of life

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Very well written, thank you !