25 tiny things to be enormously thankful for:

Spending time with old friends and laughing together as though you haven't missed a single beat.

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The realization that something that was once hard has started to feel easy.

The stress-melting sensation of a hot shower after a long and stressful day.

Watching your favorite comedy for the 100th time and still laughing hysterically at the jokes that you know are coming.
Friends who are willing to give you candid feedback and push you to grow and be better than you were yesterday. These "Intellectual Sparring Partners" should be cherished.

Seeing a friend win when you know they've been grinding away in the dark for a long time.
Falling in love with a book and losing track of time as you wander through its world.

When the airplane WiFi actually works on a long flight.

The smell of fresh cut grass on a summer day.
When the sun breaks through the clouds and hits your face on a cloudy day—like it has chosen you to be touched by its warmth.

The sensation of getting into bed with warm, clean sheets and a cool, soft pillow.

The smell that radiates from the earth after a summer rain.
A child who thinks you are their entire world—who smiles as soon as you look at them.

A pet who bursts with happiness when you walk in the door, as though they thought they would never see you again.
When your favorite song comes on the radio by chance. Bonus points if it's on a nice day and you can roll down the windows and sing it out loud with the wind in your hair.

Sitting outside on a summer evening listening to the crickets with a glass of your favorite drink in hand.
Friends who are there to toast the wins, but also show up for you after the losses.

Spending time with your parents in a new phase of your and their life. Your relationship with your parents morphs over time—embracing it in each new phase is a blessing.
Getting into bed at 6:30 PM on a Friday night after a long week.

Changing your mind on something in the face of new information.

The feeling of being on the verge of a big breakthrough.

Looking at your calendar for a Friday and realizing you have no calls or meetings.
The taste of your favorite home cooked meal after you've been looking forward to it for a while.

When someone unexpected teaches you something new.

A group of friends with diverse backgrounds that can give you different angles and lenses through which to evaluate a problem.
That's my list—what's on yours?

My hope is that reading this list sparks you to pause and appreciate the tiny beauties in your life.

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