The best threads on what’s happening in AI:
AI mega-thread from @daniel_eckler

@daniel_eckler 6 AI tools to use often:

@daniel_eckler One from me on cool shit happening in AI

@daniel_eckler From @sergeyglkn - transferring a physical toy to the digital world.

@daniel_eckler @sergeyglkn From @daniel_eckler on AI advances in the past 90 days

@daniel_eckler @sergeyglkn Emad (Stability AI) prediction on big advances coming in AI text to image

@daniel_eckler @sergeyglkn I wrote a thread to simplify AI terminology:

@daniel_eckler @sergeyglkn Another terminology thread from @assemblyAI

@daniel_eckler @sergeyglkn @AssemblyAI All the ML educational resources in one place:

Hmu if there's other threads you want me to include.

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