The average website visitor will spend <15 seconds on your landing page before leaving.

And after creating 300+ landing pages I put together a playbook.

Here are 13 learnings every marketer should know to improve their conversion rate in 5 min:
1. Tell Your Story

You’re walking social proof.

If you can tell your story, then you can sell your story.

Your story and evolution prove you can teach someone.

Write it as if you were trying to inspire your younger self.
2. Focus On One Value Prop

Your site should focus on selling one value prop.

The rest of your headlines and copy should support this claim.

The more claims, the more confusion.

One claim. One goal.

Driving one action.
3. Obsess Over Your Headlines

People scan websites.

When they scan, 80% of consumers will only read the headlines.

Consumers should read your headlines and be persuaded to take action.

Headlines should say:

- What you solve
- How you do it
- What they get
- Results
- Promise
4. Headline Formulas

Here are four headline formulas you can use:

Formula #1 = Specificity (Big Idea) x Hook (Your Magic Sauce)

Formula #2 = Pain Point x Desire = Ask Question

Formula #3 = Value x Objection

Formula #4 = Value Creation x What It Is
5. Write For One

Don’t write for the masses.

Each visitor is alone with your words.

Write for that one person.

Imagine you’re speaking to your best friend about your product.

Because at this moment, they are.

So, write a letter.

6. Eliminate Confusion

Your copy should eliminate doubt and confusion.

So, be clear, concise, and obsess over clarity.

Tell the consumer how your product helps them.

What they get.

And how their life will be better.

Leave no room for confusion to create doubt.
7. Let The Consumer Visualize Themself

Share others’ journeys, transformations, and progress so potential customers can imagine themself at the finish line with a gold medal around their necks.

If others did it, so can you.

If I did it, so can you.

Now, it’s your turn.

8. Use Data to Back Claims

Amazon puts an emphasis on replacing adjectives with data.

Let numbers do the talking.

It’ll support your claim.

It’s more powerful to say:

95% of marketers love…


Most marketers love...

9. Use Repeated Keywords

Talk to your customers, interview them, and survey them.

List the repeated keywords they mention.

Take those same keywords and inject them into your copy.

The best way to talk to your customer is to talk like your customer.
10. Use CTAs To Remind Consumers of The Value

Instead of being vague, use your CTA as a reminder of what’s on the other end of their action.

It should present the value creation on the other side.

Two good examples:
12. Inject Social Proof

People do what others do.

And believe in what others have accomplished.

Use this throughout your site to showcase the greatest outcomes becoming a reality.

Here are 13 ways to inject social proof:

13. Make It About The User

“You” is a power word.

Apple used it more than 100+ times on their iPhone 5’s landing page.

The copy focused on the user and not the iPhone.

And they do this on every landing page:
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