If I could re-live my 20s, here is what I’d do:
• Chase fun

The stakes are much lower than you think they are.

There is a lot to say for getting unique experiences at this age.

Those experiences shape your world view, which shape your future.
• Start a business

Most in their 20s have little responsibility or “life overhead.”

A business failing in your 20s is expected. A business failing in your 40s can be catastrophic.

The older you get, the more excuses you’ll have.
• Invest in myself

For others to be willing to invest in you, they have to see you’re investing in yourself.

Formal education is great, but books, courses, and cohorts are often cheaper and shorter, offering a higher ROI.

Explore your interests!
• Manage my finances (instead of letting them manage you)

It's hard to change your habits when older, so setting a strong foundation will serve you for life:
▸ Keep a budget
▸ Live on less
▸ Create an emergency fund
▸ Invest the rest markets
▸ Keep a budget

This isn’t sexy, but it goes with the last one.

By creating this habit young, you set a foundation for the rest of your life.

And I guarantee you’ll realize how much stupid stuff you’re buying today.
▸ Live on less

I bought a lot of junk in my 20s.

» Live with roommates
» Eat a lot of ramion noodles
» Choose free or cheap hobbies

In your 20s, time with friends is the most fun. Cherish this over all else.
▸ Create an emergency fund

Saving money is a habit. The sooner you start, the easier it is to continue.

Set aside 3-6 months for an emergency fund.

The peace of mind will free you up and give you options.
▸ Invest the rest in the markets

The most important thing is to start today because the magic of compound interest is time.

Every dollar invested in your 20s will be worth at least 25-50x what you put in.

Start with a Roth IRA or 401k and invest in index funds.
▸ Avoid bad debt

Car loans, credit card debt, and high interest-loans act as weights around your neck.

They reduce your flexibility and set you back years financially.

Avoid it at all cost, because it runs counter to what your goals in your 20s should be.
• Focus on who, not what

It only takes one connection to change your life.

Find people with the same interests and focus on deepening the relationships.

When a group is passionate about the same thing, so much more is achievable.
• Approach marriage strategically

So many “follow their heart” into bad marriages.

This can break you mentally and financially.

Treat your dating life like the most serious job interview ever.

Ask questions, look for read flags, and take it seriously.
• Take complete ownership

Your career and outcomes are your responsibility.

It’s never someone else’s fault. There is always something you could do.

Take control of your life and take action. No one is going to do it for you.
What would you add?

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What I'd do in my 20s:
• Chase fun
• Start a business
• Invest in myself
• Manage my money
▸ Keep a budget
▸ Live on less
▸ Create an emergency fund
▸ Invest the rest
• Focus on who, not what
• Approach marriage strategically
• Take complete ownership

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Great thread, Kurtis. Important lessons