@ZubyMusic When I was twenty I saved the life of a fat man in his fifties who was stuck in his upside down car, crashed, sinking in to a boggy verge. He couldn’t get himself out. I saved his wife too.
@ZubyMusic In the first two weeks of the pandemic I saved another man’s life. He was fat, alcoholic and in his fifties. I have him mouth to mouth resuscitation and got him breathing until the ambulance arrived.
@ZubyMusic On another occasion I was in a car crash myself. A grad on collision. The guy who hit me had been drinking, was fat and in his fifties. Once I freed myself I got him stable, conscious and got us help.
@ZubyMusic I promised myself I must never become that fat man in his fifties. I stay fit & well because that’s the best way I can be of service to myself & anyone else. Especially important when shit happens, which is does. Being fit is like an insurance policy against adversity & illness

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A good thread on the value of maintaining a decent level of physical fitness. The importance isn't always 'obvious' until it is. It's better to be harder to kill than easier.