Read this if you want to write a problem solving viral thread.

Here is the breakdown of @ItsKieranDrew thread which got

❤️ - 155.1k
🔁 - 36.2k
💬️ - 1.5k

1. Problem-Solving hook

The hook starts with a question that causes a problem.

The question force readers to interact with the writing.

That’s how the loop gets created. And who doesn’t want to find a solution to their problems?
At the end of the problem-stating line, they know answers will be presented.

So Kieran explained the value prop readers will get in this thread.

Remind the problems to your readers & make them open your thread to find the solution.
2. Authority

If you are giving a solution to a certain problem.

That too is like a medical problem why should anyone listen to you?
Are you a doctor?

Before proceeding with your solutions.

It's important to convey that you're the right person to give this solution.
So Kieran did exact same thing.

He mentioned how he broke his neck & went under surgery & how he researched 100+ hours to find a solution to it.

The audience is more likely to listen to him who has fought such a problem and came out of it.
3. Pictures & videos

Thread hook starts with a picture & further in the thread; is full of pictures & videos.

The most engaging factor of pictures & videos are...

Even a lazy person not reading your hook will stop to see the picture while scrolling.
Soon that picture will make him read the hook.

Similarly, readers will spend more time seeing pictures & interpreting your writing with them.

Show relevant pictures & videos to make your thread engaging & valuable to a non-readers audience too.
4. Show your examples

In the authority part, you built the initial trust with an audience.

To double that trust.

Show your solution through writing, pictures, or videos.
Once you showed how you have applied or applying your own solutions.

People will connect with you on a deeper level.

Kieran has shown his setup, posture, & everything which is necessary to build trust.
5. Recaps

TL;DR & recap are more important than you think.

It did not just give the reader a short replay of your thread.

But it also acts as a precap even before the reader clicks on the thread.

Add a recap before your CTA or promotion.
6. CTA & Newsletter

The last two tweets of the thread are two-step CTA & newsletter promotion.

The first CTA is to follow & the second one is to retweet.

While explaining the value prop & how many are already getting that value, Kieren promoted his newsletter at the end.

1. Problem-Solving hook
2. Authority
3. Pictures & videos
4. Show your examples
5. Recap
6. CTA & Newsletter
That's a wrap!

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