It remains profoundly hilarious to me that regarding the Anglo-Saxons, less than a year ago you still had historians confidently, even haughtily dismissing anyone antiquated enough to suggest the migrations really happened.

And now genetics have proved beyond doubt they did.
At this point, historical genetics departments might as well start engraving "vae victis" above their doors
Life, as they say, comes at you fast
The actual lesson here seems clear: Historiographers, loosing faith in their own textual sources, devolved into increasingly wild and preference-driven speculation, to the point where outside researchers from STEM eventually proved better able to study their field than themselves
Academics will be cautious of driving home this point due to a worry of antagonising colleagues, but academic integrity requires academic housekeeping. The stark reality is that nearly a century of historiography has been exposed as empty conjecture in a decade. This is serious.

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Genetics research is upending a lot of our understanding of ancient history - great thread summarizes some of what’s been going on