The biggest issue I have with the call for Covid amnesty is the assertion that at the beginning of the pandemic we “just didn’t know” how harmful and pointless the restrictions would be.

We DID know, and here’s proof.

These are all articles from March & April of 2020
Mar 2: Discussion on how Covid IFR was likely much lower than predicted:

Mar 3: Article on why masks are impractical

Mar 3: Berkeley doctor indicates masks are not helpful in preventing Covid
Mar 9: Article on how Covid is only really dangerous to the elderly

Mar 9: Doctor talking about unnecessary panic over Covid

Mar 12: Review found severe mental health problems from prolonged quarantine
Mar 19: Article about Covid overaction & its issues

Mar 25: Data about the health impacts of crushing the economy

Mar 26: Early evidence of hospitals inaccurately listing Covid as cause of death
Mar 26: Early data shows we're overreacting to Covid

Mar 28: Predictions about the harms of lockdowns: Drugs, Suicide, and Crime

Mar 28: Guardian outlines rise in domestic abuse throughout the world
Mar 30: Study showing children are not the primary spreader of Covid

Apr 1: Article saying masks offer little to no advantage outside of hospital settings:

Apr 3: An overview on the dangers of Lockdowns
Apr 7: Piece on the mental health cost of the lockdown on kids:

Apr 8: Research showing the seasonality of Coronaviruses

Apr 13: More confirmation about domestic abuse rising due to lockdowns:
Apr 15: Barely any transmission from outdoor activities:

Apr 15: Different approaches by countries have little impact on Covid deaths

Apr 15: Molecular Biologist suggests the cure is worse than the disease
Apr 16: Research showing school lockdowns aren't helpful & cause great harm

Apr 16: UN overview about the poverty/death that will come from lockdowns

Apr 17th: Info on how damaging canceled procedures are
Apr 22: Potential for 60,000 cancer deaths due to lack of screening/treatment

Apr 23: The harm lockdowns are having on people with heart conditions.

Apr 24: Data on the mental health toll of lockdowns
Apr 26: The rise of domestic abuse during lockdowns

Apr 24: Study showing school closings are the least cost effective pandemic policy

Apr 2: Indications from Europe that lockdowns are ineffective
So, there you go. Those were all before May 2020, & I left out many more.

We absolutely knew Covid restrictions were pointless & were going to cause massive societal harm.

I will not forget the damage they did when we already knew better.

We must never let it happen again.

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