Offering kids the choice of candy or a potato this year because I saw a meme about it. And honestly it’s super funny to see their reactions.
Update: A little girl just chose the potato “for my dad.”
(I let her take a candy, too, for being so cool.)
Down two more potatoes!
Two more potatoes gone! At this point I’m more worried about running out of potatoes than candy.
Absolutely no deliberation with that girl. Just, “potato” and grabbed it. Like there wasn’t even a choice to be made.
A father -- of a toddler who was *seriously* torn between the potato and candy -- said he heard a kid running down the street say, "I just got a potato!" and then wasn't sure if they should come to the house or not.
The toddler initially took the potato, then tried to also take candy, then dropped his bag, then tried to grab a bunch of candy, then tried to take the potato again.
Another toddler, going *straight for the potato.* (Though she was repeatedly saying "apple," so there may have been a bit of confusion.) Her parents had to pry it out of her hands to take a candy for her.
Teenage girl: “I want a potato!”
Rapidly running out of potatoes.
Also -- as an aside -- when did kids get so polite? Good work parents, your children are lovely.
One girl picked it, held it above her head like an upraised jewel, and yelled, "POTATO!"
I am down to two potatoes.
A little girl, given the choice between candy and a potato, thought for a moment, and then chose a candy.
When I told her she could take a second candy, she immediately chose the potato.
She also told me they grew a carrot this summer that “looks like a bunny but also the devil.”
Some interpretations of that by the ai image generator:
And then there was one.
A bunch of girls came to the door after a long lull. One grabbed the potato fast. The others screamed. "I want a potato!" one said. "Can I have a potato?" And then they took their candy and went running down the driveway screaming "Potato! Potato!"
A dramatic farewell to our last Halloween potato.
WAIT. There is another potato I missed.
A child comes to the door.
They say, “I don’t normally come back to a house twice. But could I please have another potato?”
I feel like our final spud ended up in the right hands.
Happy Halloween, Twitter friends! Thanks for following along.

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