Kanye West has sadly delved deep into textbook anti-semitic/racist territory with some of his recent comments.

He's dropped a lot of necessary truth bombs over the years, which I appreciate, but he's made his position clear on this, and 'he's bipolar' is not a good excuse.
If you spend thousands of hours speaking publicly, sometimes you'll say stuff that's taken out of context, misconstrued, or selectively edited.

I've been there and give people benefit of the doubt by default.

But I'm not gonna 'defend' the indefensible here. He sounds hateful.
Criticising individuals is fair game, but expanding those criticisms to an entire race or ethnicity of millions of people is goofy, illogical, and can lead to dark paths.

We've seen it time and time again.

Enough of that in all directions. Let's elevate.
To be clear, I'm not calling for 'cancelling' or de-platforming. That's the way of cowards.

But a smart person who knows him should have a strong word. And he needs to put his ego to the side and listen.

I've never met him, but am a fan, and think he's in foolish territory.
Angry Americans woke up and bombarded this one.

Lots of hate and wild accusations from 'both sides'.

If you listened to that Drink Champs interview and thought, "All of this is facts. This is great." Then go ahead.

Not the first online mob I've had. Nor the last. God bless. ✌🏾
Many of the replies to this are far worse than anything Ye said. Interesting to see what type of rhetoric and hostility this subject brings out in some people.

100% happy to lose 'followers' on this one.
The number of comments implying I must have 'Jewish handlers' or be on 'Jewish payroll', or am 'controlled by Jews' is insane (all false).

It actually brings home the very point of why this mindset is warped and overly paranoid.

People are even more lost than I thought.

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