In the 1600s there were two camps of geologists:

The “flood geologists” whose starting point was that the Earth was 6,000 years old and therefore that wonders like sea shell fossils in the Grand Canyon must be a result of the biblical flood.

And the “science geologists”…
…whose starting point was “I don’t know.” They assumed nothing and just built conclusions based on their observations.

Over the following centuries the science geologists would embark up a mountain of learning as they discovered radiometric dating, the theory of Continental…
…Drift, plate tectonics, and the 4.54 billion year age of the Earth.

The flood geologists ran into a brick wall from the get-go. Their conviction that the Bible was an axiom was an intellectual ball-and-chain that kept them planted at the foot of the mountain of learning. …
… I suspect most of you hear this and identify with the science geologists. And in some areas of your thinking, you’re probably right.

But without question, you are a flood geologist in other areas of thought, clutching to a Bible of assumptions that’s preventing you from…
…making progress—from learning, from growing, from advancing.

Do a self-audit. Examine your convictions and assumptions. Where did they come from? When were they last updated? What are you treating like an axiom that might not be?

You haven’t had your last breakthrough.
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