I've sold $1M+ of software products before they ever even existed.

This 7 step framework enabled me to validate product concepts and close customers before ever having to write a single line of code.

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Step #1: Craft the product concept.

Businesses want products that can:

1) Grow revenue
2) Protect revenue & decrease churn
3) Save time & money
4) Maintain compliance & keep their business safe.

Make sure your product is doing AT LEAST one of these things.

Ideally a few.
Step #2. Craft a compelling sales pitch.

You have to quickly show EXACTLY how your product will achieve one of the four aforementioned items.

A strong sales deck typically:

1. Provides credibility.
2. Is stupid simple.
3. Is believable.
4. Is visual

Check these boxes.
Step #3: Build your target list.

Build a list of ~100 target customers and the decision makers within these organizations.

Do your research, answer these questions:
1. How big are they?
2. Are they forward thinking?
3. What are they key priorities / initiatives?
Step #4. Get a warm introduction.

You HAVE to get connected to the prospect through a warm intro.

1. Go to LinkedIn.
2. Identify folks with credibility that are willing to introduce you to the prospect.
3. Trade favors. In exchange for the intro, what can you do for them?
Step #5. Pitch your narrative w/ an emphasis on collaborative product creation.

If the product doesn't exist YOU HAVE to get them bought in on being a co-creator.

Co-creation = them committing to 3 feedback meetings.

Nothing more. Make it clear it's a SMALL commitment.
Step #6. Structure the contract fairly and close the deal.

Don't require them to pay you until the product is launched within their organization.

Give them the ability to walk away if you don't deliver on clearly defined deliverables.

Step #7. Rinse and repeat.

Continue the process until you achieve your pre-sales target.

Not only will these leaders feel invested in you and but they'll make sure the product your building is solving the RIGHT problems for the market.

All while driving future revenues.
This process has enabled me to drive $1M+ in pre-sales for new products.

I've been able to partner with key folks to design new tools and ensure they solve real problems for the space.

Problems that are applicable across my entire target market.

It really works.
Let's help each other build great companies.

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Validation is super important before you go all-in buildings something. Great thread!