You've launched or invested in an MMO game, only to discover that criminals use it to communicate and move illicit funds. All the years of R&D, investment, marketing - only to be compromised by unintended, but arguably foreseeable uses of your platform.

Could this be you? 🧵
(1) If you’re building or investing in a game (esp. a web3 one with tokens and NFTs), do you know what laws and regulations apply to you?
(2) For example, do you have to apply for state money transmitter licenses or register with FinCEN? Do you have to do KYC/AML on your players? How do in-game marketplaces impact this decision? How do the big gaming companies structure their in-game currencies?
(3) I did all the hardworking so you don't have to :). Answers and more can be found in Chapter One of my #Legal & #Web3 #Gaming primer. Read more here: (subscribe, download & share if you find it helpful ).
(4) Not legal or investment advice, but hopefully will shed light on some of the biggest legal issues in developing web3 games. Also applicable to general projects involving tokens and NFTs.

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you hit PUBLISH!!! so proud of you, this is an awesome guide!