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great article 🔥 by @nayibbukele on El Salvador 🇸🇻 #bitcoin and global establishmentarian real-politic reactions.

👀👀 @nayibbukele op-ed dropped on @BitcoinMagazine. Must read!

Great listen. Guy's take on President Bukele's powerful cover piece in the latest print edition of @BitcoinMagazine. Also, on the recently announced #Bitcoin a day plan: "A grain of sand a day that expresses a mountain of conviction"

In a tradfi world that is unraveling because of the Fiat ponzi, this is an incredible article about hope and a “new standard” based on #truth. Congrats El Salvador. A US$28B economy that grew by 10+%. Look at the other positive metrics too. #btc=#truth

A remarkable read: President Bukele sounds a call to arms against the money printer class. In this case, ‘arms’ refers to #Bitcoin More fiat converted into Bitcoin, the greater the chance of peace and prosperity. This policy of ECONOMIC FREEDOM is already working in 🇸🇻