What's it like to create art with AI?

What's all the fuss about?

Here's what it's like to be an AI artist πŸ‘‡
First let's get one thing clear: Software is (still) eating the world.

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The arts have had tools like photoshop for years.

The key difference with AI is the *speed* and *scale* of its impact across creative fields.

It allows creatives to iterate and experiment at speeds never before possible.

Using AI is addictive.

There's an excitement from the unpredictable nature of the tool, and the speed at which we receive the visual feedback.

It's easy to get pulled into that magical "Flow State".

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Using AI feels like...

Having that word on the tip of your tongue, and desperately chasing inside your brain to find the perfect way you want to express yourself.

Using AI also feels like finding a loose thread on a sweater, and then deciding to pull at it to see what happens.

At times, AI can be a frustrating experience;

Similar to trying to interpret what a two year-old is trying to say.

Like with any tool, the more time we spend, the more we understand.
To all #nftphotographers:

Working with AI tools is strangely similar to culling -

that part of the process where we review, weed-out, and select the images that are keepers.

Making #AIart sometimes feels like scientific observation.

You have a hypothesis on what might work,

Then you observe and hurriedly make notes to use in the future.
AI tools are enormously gratifying,

Especially for those polymath (or hyperactive) creatives that pull inspiration from a million places.

They allow us to interweave disciplines - and expand our practice.

Is AI a humanities discipline?

For anyone with a love of language,

Working with #dalle2, #StableDiffusion, #midjourney or other satisfies this dual need for self-expression.

It is a unique visual-arts medium where careful selection of words really matters.

Whatever you do, don't ask #aiartists about their prompts.

AI allows us to be daring.

We can explore various subjects like ageing or sensuality, without real-world restrictions.

AI has the power of inclusivity.

Because AI tools reward nuance - those with deep knowledge & the ability to articulate it - can participate.

AI is core to the #web3 and #nft ethos.

So what does it feel like to create with AI?

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Questions remain in working with ai: copyright, bias etc.

One that is irrelevant, is whether it is art at all.

History - and art history - repeats itself.

It's art's job to be re-imagined.

Ironically, unlike other - more "human" - mediums,

AI art has the uncanny ability to satisfy a somewhat quiet desire for both artists and collectors:

It is almost impossible to reproduce. Very rare πŸ’Ž

AI tools are in early stages of development.

What if they could improve based on artist feedback?

An interesting design challenge would be to integrate feedback without interrupting the artist's 'flow'.

πŸ”‡ #aiartists and collectors: we are early.

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