I've gained 140k followers on LinkedIn and Twitter in 3 months.

It's grown my one-person business to $50k/month.

Here's the content stack that accelerated my growth:
There are 3 key components to my content stack:

• Content creation tools
• Time maximization strategies
• Idea generation strategies

I'll break down my processes for all 3 components:
Tool: Beehiiv

I've gained 20,000 newsletter subscribers in less than 3 months.

@beehiiv is my secret weapon.

• The team ships new features rapidly
• Supercharge your email list through a referral engine
• Built by the team that grew Morning Brew to 3M subscribers
Tool: Hypefury

I've grown my Twitter audience by 21,000 followers a month.

@hypefury is my personal assistant to grow and monetize my Twitter audience.

• Use tweet templates
• Maximize product sales
• Build out a content repository for the next 3 months
Tool: Grammarly

Never make simple mistakes that make you have to repost entire threads.

• Feel confident every time you post
• Save time on proofreading and polishing
• Improve readability - grammar, style, and tone
Time is your most valuable resource.

By using these tools you will save massive amounts of time.

Content creation should be an accelerant to your business, not a detractor.

Employ these strategies to ensure you don't waste hours on social media.
Strategy: Build Top-Heavy Content

Create 2 actionable threads each week.

High-value threads are the motor to your Twitter growth.

Identify a problem that you have solved and explain how you did it so that others can do the same.
This long-form thread should take you ~1 hour to write.

But in 30 minutes, you can repurpose parts of the thread into smaller bite-sized content:

• A story
• A list of tools
• A newsletter
• A LinkedIn Carousel

1 thread can turn into 7 posts that fuel your growth.
Strategy: Use Black Magic to Engage with Legends

Engaging with large accounts is key to early growth.

But commenting via Twitter natively can mean you spend 30 minutes browsing aimlessly.

The algorithm surfaces low-quality and addictive content that can easily distract you.
Instead, @blackmagic_so allows you to create a list of important accounts.

Block two 30-minute sessions daily to review all the tweets you've missed at once.

0 context switching means you can get through 50 replies rapidly.
Strategy: Build a Personal CRM

I reach out to 50 interesting people a week on Twitter.

It's hard to remember conversations with everyone in your network.

Black Magic allows you to record notes on:

• How you met
• What was interesting
• What they are working on
The other big drain on your time.

The blank page syndrome.

Not having a backlog of content ideas can cost you hours.

Here are the strategies I use to have endless viral ideas:
Strategy: Perform a Brain Dump

We often forget what we've been able to do in a year.

Answer this question: "What were all the problems I tackled and lessons I learned in the last year?"

Doing this exercise has been the easiest way to accelerate my content machine.
This question forces you to:

• Get everything out there
• Focus on what you know
• Figure out what categories you love talking about
Strategy: Build a Content Swipe File

@TwemexApp - for the most popular threads
@typeshare_co - for templates

I use my swipe file to:

• Write scroll-stopping hooks
• Identify which topics go viral
Strategy: Curate Other Mediums

Twitter can become an echo chamber.

Everyone is remixing everyone else's thread.

I get new inspiration from:

• Reddit
• Buzzsumo
• YouTube videos
• Podcasts for business content
Want to grow faster on Twitter and LinkedIn?

I run a (free) Workshop in 7 days.

I'll be giving away a $449 playbook for free.

I'd love to see you there 👇
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