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My repeatable process to becoming an authority in a sub niche

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Let's say we want to use “zodiac signs” as an example

The first thing I'd do (after researching KWs) is to write the master article

“Zodiac Signs: the Complete Guide”

In this master article, I'd go deep into the topic “zodiac signs”
Listing all the signs (H2s) and writing about the sub topics (H3s, H4s)

General Info about X
Strengths of X
Weaknesses of X
Career Advice of X
Love Advice of X
Partners for X

+ a few random Q's about the general topic

I try to go for around 500 words for each sub topic / Qs
This 'pillar page' will be the center of your cluster

& gives you a good chance of ranking for the main keywords – in this case “zodiac signs” – in the future and set's your cluster articles up splendidly


You've just built your cluster structure 🥳
Because ...

Every sub topic you've written a short text about can now be expanded:

“You want to learn more about possible careers for Capricorns? Read our in-depth career guide”.
Now you just (🙃) need to write all the articles you've mentioned in your master article (in depth)

Make sure to internally link back from them to your master article(s) and other fitting articles

And you're good to rank
This is how I build topical authority in a sub niche and consequently in the main niche (repeating the steps)

Bonus: If you really want to stand out, I'd recommend you to make your Master Pages as UX-friendly as possible

Use (jump) buttons, a proper design ...
... and custom images to make sure your site isn't just another random niche site

Make it EASY for your visitors to get to the point they want to learn more about

Ex.: A capricorn won't care about aquarius weaknesses 99% of the time, so make it easy to skip irrelevant content
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thank you!

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