For the last few years, I've experimented with dozens of therapies, retreats, modalities & experiences (spending upwards of $55k)

After nudging from @p_millerd—here's a thread outlining ten of the most impactful + what I learned.

For context: I initially dove into this world to process deep grief + loss but quickly realised that I'd been relatively repressed + numb from the neck down for most of my life.

The deeper I went, the more fascinated I became, so just kept digging 🐇🕳️

Okay, here goes 👇
1/ 400hr Breathwork Teacher Training // $5k, Canggu, Bali ~ led by Ed Dangerfield.

Probably changed my life more than anything else I've done. It's not an exaggeration to say that if/when this modality goes mainstream it will change the world.
2/ 25+ 1:1 Breath-Repatterning Sessions // $5-6k, Bali with various practitioners

I worked through intense unprocessed anger, grief + shame (held mostly in my hips/pelvis) as well as attained a deeper interoceptive sensitivity & capacity to hold myself in big experiences.
3/ Ayahuasca Retreats + Vision Quests // 12 ceremonies in Nepal, Colombia & the UK. Costs ranging between $500 – $1500

These remain some of the more profound experiences in my life. Difficult to summarise in tweet form but happy to answer questions.
4/ 10 Days in Total Darkness // at Hridaya, Mazunte, Mexico (cheap $$)

Potent! Main takeaways were an embodied sense of being able to choose how I respond to challenging circumstances + experiencing deep joy for 48hrs for absolutely no logical reason 😃
5/ 4-day Men's EMX Retreat // $1k, in Ward, CO with Sacred Sons

Deeply impactful. Arrived sceptical, but returned impressed + grateful. Combo of shadow work + embodied self-exploration. Have a strong desire to take their leadership training next year.

6/ Awakened Leadership Retreat // $945, in Bali with Rick Smith

Possibly the most impactful (non-psychedelic) retreat in terms of $$$ paid. Unpacking stories around money, purpose, sex, death... Rick is a master. I'd sign up again in a heartbeat.
7/ 10-day Metta Meditation Retreat // ~$1600 (sliding scale), Spirit Rock, CA

Powerful to realise + experience that a sustained sense of loving-kindness is like a muscle that can be trained through practice 🧘❤️
8/ Meditation Teacher Training // Virtual + IRL in Australia led by Michael King, $5k(ish)

Michael is one of the most grounded, wise (& hilarious) teachers I've come across. His 9-month training gave me a foundation for meditative self-inquiry.
9/ The Connection Course // Virtual, $400 with Joe Hudson

This course along with listening to the ENTIRE archive of their podcast has *radically* shifted my ideas of emotional fluidity, setting boundaries, avoiding caretaking... the list goes on 🔥💪
10/ FOCUS Retreat // $3.3k, Yoshino, Japan with Jan Chipchase & Studio D.

Not specific to healing work but profound in terms of friendships + connections made during the experience. Also provided a model for how to host exceptional retreat experiences.
This is my attempt to distill much of what I've learned over the years and share the most impactful protocols

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Jonny, this is a remarkable journey and thread! Thanks for sharing your path. Next thought: you must not have any kids 😂