This is going to be hard to hear for bitcoiners, but Ethereum will almost certainly market-cap flippen #bitcoin, it's just a matter of time. 1/
Realize that the war is Bitcoin vs Fiat, not Bitcoin vs. shitcoins. Shitcoins are shit *because* they all try to be Bitcoin, but sprinkle in too much fiat compromises. Usually in the form of lies (vaporware), politics and development governance (hard fork culture). 2/
Ethereum has always been a pure politically manipulated shitcoin from the start. Their developers are hyper-concerned about "governance", a problem PoW consensus solved. They have a Hard Fork culture, leaving dissenters behind. 3/
Ethereum is exactly what you'd expect if Central Bankers or Klaus Schwab were to fund a #bitcoin alternative

1) Energy/PoW FUD
2) PoS (rich get richer)
3) BS marketing (world computer, Web3.0 etc)
4) Easy to control (just buy developers)
5) Censor dissenters (hard fork)
No I'm not saying Ethereum is devised by Klaus or the like, they are too stupid. The Fiat monetary system already natively incentivizes LARPs like Ethereum (you see it in EVERY industry). It's due to the nature of the Cantillon effect and the loss of accountability (bailouts). 5/
In the war of Bitcoin vs Fiat, Bitcoin has to defeat an enemy with a literal money printing machine. The enemy has infinite resources to attack Bitcoin and its underlying innovation - PoW consensus. They are already attacking Bitcoin! How? 6/
- They are funding shithead VCs to "invest" (subsidize) alternatives
- They are subsidizing influencers to create division (by buying up their equity)
- They are subsidizing (bailing out) marketing frims that produce anti-bitcoin propaganda
- They are lending cheap money to degenerate gamblers
- They are inviting noobs into their fiat games just so they can wreck them all in Ponzis like 3AC, Celsius and more
- They are ushering in brutal regulations in response to the wreckage they subsidized!
- and more
Ethereum will flippen Bitcoin precisely *because* it is fiat and fiat is infinite. They will apply double standards letting Ethereum into white market uses where they tax or make Bitcoin illegal (black market). For example, PoW energy FUD and the upcoming Carbon taxation... /9
Simply put, Ethereum *is* #FiatInDisguise.

The game at hand #Bitcoin vs Fiat and it's going to be dirty. Their only tactic that works is to seed dissent, confusion and division. Watch for it!
The good news is this:

The more they censor and restrict Bitcoin usage, the greater it's use case becomes. It is precisely the arbitrage that censorship creates that drives a premium to #bitcoin and proof-of-work consensus.
Expect the unexpected and prepare for the War on Cash!

Your only weapons will be your sword - knowledge and truth, and your shield - personal privacy.

"#bitcoin is inevitable"
PS - bitcoiners are stronger together. Ignore the divisive rhetoric.

The #1 rule in #bitcoin is to *always* synchronize with whoever does the most-work.

The #2 rule is to leave no man behind. All nodes are equal!

Never forget!
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