I made my client so much money (almost 30 ROAS) that they canceled on me.


Here’s how it went down and a few lessons you can learn from it:

The short story behind this is that my agency does performance-based pricing.

That reduces risk for our clients and aligns incentives.

If they profit, we do too.

If they don’t profit, we don’t.
This client left because we exploded their revenue, and rather than be happy about it, they focused on our cut and are probably are looking for a flat-rate agency now.

I wish them luck, but I bet it won’t work out like they think it will.

Anyway, a few lessons learned…
1. Google Ads Are Powerful

I’ve never been more confident in my decision to do Google Ads over Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms.

This client’s results were especially good, but I’ve been delivering massive ROI to almost everyone I work with.

Google is where it’s at.
2. Aligning Incentives Is Powerful

Let’s pretend you’re in sales…

If one job paid you $20/hr flat and another paid you commissions, which one would you work harder at?

That’s the power of aligning incentives.

My agency does that, and the quality of our work reflects that.
3. Don’t Chase Budget Buyers/Clients

If you’re a freelancer, solopreneur, or run a small business, budget clients/buyers are not for you.

Let big brands deal with them.

As a smaller operation, focus on quality, not quantity.
4. You Can’t Always Win

Getting almost 30 ROAS would be a huge win 99 out of 100 times, but in this case, it wasn’t.

I’m not gonna feel sorry for myself.

That’s just part of the game.

Take the L and come back stronger.
That’s everything.

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