1/ You’ve undoubtedly seen people posting outputs from QQL, the upcoming generative art project by @tylerxhobbs x @dandelion_wist.

It doesn’t take very long to notice that the algorithm leans heavily into emergent traits/aesthetics...
2/ Some of my favorites of these emergent outputs are those that are reminiscent of other artists’ styles or project outputs👀

A thread of examples I've come across while playing around with the algorithm thus far:
3/ Meridian #801 'Starry Summit" by @mattdesl, owned by @dandelion_wist
4/ Terraforms "Level 14 at {20, 42}" by @mathcastles
5/ FOLIO #13 by @mattdesl
6/ simple things #252 by @msoriaro, owned by yours truly
7/ Corners #61 by @newrafael, owned by @OspreyNFT
8/ All these examples so far and I've only generated a few hundred QQL outputs. Excited to see what more I can find!

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This is a great thread by Proper. We've been internally enjoying all of these emergent connections to other generative art, and this is a cool way to lay them out!