🧵Don't be fooled about the noise of the news that shareholders have approved the takeover bid of Elon Musk (no surprise!). The real news is what Twitter whistleblower Peiter Zatko, affirmed today in front of the US Senate Judiciary Committee
/2 Peter Zatko described a culture of the management that continuously misled the board and investors. Zatko affirmed that inside the leadership there was a push that dissuaded employees from reporting negative information
/3 Peiter Zatko said that he found foreign agents inside Twitter then he informed an exec of the threat and was told "What does it matter if we have more [foreign agents]?" -- THAT'S CRAZY!
/4 Peiter Zatko affirmed executive incentives led the company to prioritize profits. He added that Twitter doesn't know its data, and too many employees can easily access sensitive data. Furthermore, Twitter doesn't log this access to sensitive data properly. UNBELIEVABLE!
/5 Zatko testified that Twitter's exec misled its shareholders, board, and users. When Zatko reported serious security vulnerabilities instead of fixing them, executives tried to downplay his claims. "This influential company was over a decade behind industry security standards."
/6 Zatko affirmed he was aware of many episodes where Twitter's engineers had access to sensitive personal data of users!!!! He also asserted that engineers could delete/write tweets on behalf of Twitter's users.
/7 About these and other HUGE Twitter problems, @elonmusk didn't know when he made his offer. He based his proposal on SEC filings and public statements of the company. But as Zatko stated, the company's executives MISLED investors, board, and users.
/8 To fix what Zatko affirms about Twitter security, hundreds of dollars of investments are needed in the infrastructure ASAP. Furthermore, Twitter risks future penalties and legal actions that could cost billions. As Zatko implicitly affirmed, Twitter doesn't worth $44 billion

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