You finally delegated important work.

But do you have confidence it’s being done right?

5 steps to drive great outcomes w/o micromanaging:
1/ Set Your Expectation

Without agreement upfront, oversight will be random & unwelcomed:

- Goal: What will be accomplished
- Standards: Quality that signifies done
- Process: How work will get done
- Timing: When it'll be complete
- Tolerance: How much risk you can handle
2/ Call Your Shot

You should vary your level of oversight based on:

-> The criticality of the process
-> Your confidence in the person to execute

Tell them how you'll monitor.

If you don't:

-> Whatever you do is a surprise
-> They'll think you're dumping useless work
3/ Choose Your Weapons

Plenty of options, but all come with tradeoffs:

- Metrics: Empirical, but often gamed
- Surveys: Customer-led but low response
- 1:1 Meetings: Personal but qualitative
- Audits: Non-invasive but late

Tip: Layer 2-3 that are complementary.
4/ Keep Your Agreements

Agreement with yourself:
-> Actually monitor
-> Provide feedback, positive & critical
-> Don't go off script

Agreement with your team:
-> Only rewrite goals, not history
-> Be accessible & responsive early
-> Throttle if you sense overload
5/ Tune Your System

Bundle: Combine oversight into a single cadence to reduce your switching costs & their annoyance

Dial back: As your confidence grows, increase your distance to promote their autonomy

Reward: Incentivize them to eliminate & automate to free up more capacity
Follow these steps to empower your team and have confidence the work is being done right.

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Time Management Tactics for Managers


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Lots of good stuff here, thanks for sharing Dave

Great thread. Reminds me that I only do about half of these things. Need to add the others to my every day work habits!