The dead-simple path anyone can take to go from $0 to 7-figure writer:

(without a college degree, 10 years of experience, or a mentor)
Step 1: Write for free.

• Write for free on social.
• Write for free in your newsletter.
• Write for free for clients & customers.

And PROVE you can:

1. Answer people's questions
2. Solve people's problems
3. Write things people want to read

THEN... start charging $$$.
Step 2: Don't charge for the information. Charge for the implementation.

Readers don't really buy information.

They buy:

• Organization
• Implementation
• Personalized explanation

Which means giving away "what you know" for free, at scale, is your best marketing asset.
Step 3: Sell implementation as a service, first.

The fastest way to monetize as a writer is to provide a service:

• Ghostwriting
• Sales copywriting
• Content writing

Give your expertise away for free, but then charge people to "rent your pen" at a premium.
This is how you get to 6 figures ($$).

In the beginning, getting 1 person to pay you $5,000 is way easier than getting 500 people to pay you $10.

However, all services are capped by:

• Time (only so many hours you can sell)
• Cost (only so much you can sell time for)

Step 4: Productize your service.

Providing a service is what teaches you unique & differentiated skills.

To scale, you want to sell your "mind"—not your time.

• What's your process?
• What are your time-saving frameworks?
• How can you teach someone else to do what you do?
Step 5: Create a barbell pricing model.

• ($) Low Cost: "Do what I do, on your own."

• ($$$$$) High Cost: "I'll do what I do for you—at a premium."

Repeat this forever:

1. Write for free
2. Pinpoint a problem
3. Sell a service to solve the problem
4. Productize that service
The wild thing is: every single person is capable of doing this.

But it requires breaking a bunch of beliefs:

1. Yes, it's better to "write for free" in the beginning
2. Yes, it's easier to sell a service in the beginning
3. Yes, you can productize yourself (you're not special)
Then, to make the jump to 7-figures, you must divorce your income from time, energy, and effort.

You must sell your unique Intellectual Capital, digitally, at scale.

(Very, very hard to net 7 figures selling a service—even with labor leverage & employees.)
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